Sonya Moor

French and British writer of short fiction

Sonya Moor writes, reads and translates short fiction. She has a B.A. in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art and an M.A. in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. She lives and works in Paris.

Sonya Moor
Sonya Moor, photo credit Christophe Dellière. Copyright © 2021 Christophe Dellière. All rights reserved.


Esther Ferrer, illustration La Comète
La comète by Esther Ferrer, after the short story ‘The Comet’ (published by Cōnfingō in Spring 2021). Photo credit: Christophe Dellière. Copyright © 2021 Christophe Dellière. All rights reserved.

The Comet and Other Stories

First collection | upcoming from Confingo

The Comet, collected in Best British Short Stories 2022

Salt, ed. Nicholas Royle – Royle runs Nightjar Press, which publishes original short stories as signed, limited-edition chapbooks

A Few Words That Go Up In Smoke,The Letters Page

Vol. 6 | #3 | 21 July 2022 | epistolary story/essay hybrid – subscribe by letter to receive their elegant aerogrammes

Lettre à Simone, adda

Speak OUT! | Issue 2 | 23 May 2022 | epistolary story/essay hybrid

Women’s Business, Silver Apples

Issue 16 | 2021 | short story

Esther Ferrer, illustration La Comète
De l’autre côté by Valentine Fournier, collage for the short story ‘After Ever Happy’. Photo credit: Christophe Dellière. Copyright ©2021 Christophe Dellière. All rights reserved.

The Comet, Cōnfingō 15

Spring 2021 | short story

In Conversation with Ana Mendieta, Juxta Press

Juxta/Position(s) | 17 March 2021 | short story/essay hybrid

All Things Bright and Beautiful, anthologised in May You

The Walter Swan Prize Anthology | ed. SJ Bradley | Valley Press | 2018 | short story

Small Pleasures podcast

Great short stories and greatness in the short-story form – discussions with Livi Michael.

Listen on Apple, PodBean or YouTube.

Episode 10: ‘Dear Conchi’

by Lucia Berlin, with expert insights from guest Nina Ellis

Episode 9: ‘Five Years Next Sunday’

by Idza Luhumyo

Episode 8: ‘Thurlby’

by Jon McGregor

Episode 7: ‘The Dead Girls’ Class Trip’

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Episode 6: ‘Missing Out’

by Leila Aboulela

Episode 5: ‘Death of the Pugilist’

by Daniel Mason

Episode 4: ‘Red Market’

by Sheila Armstrong

Episode 3: ‘Bad Dreams’

by Tessa Hadley

Episode 2: ‘A Walk in the Snow’

by Graham Mort

Episode 1: ‘The Children Stay’

by Alice Munro


Word foundlings

When I’m out walking, I collect scraps of conversation – anything that charms or troubles my ear, or that leaves behind the scent of a story. Here are some favourites, from the streets of Paris...

The ‘making of’ some of my short stories and story/essay hybrids...

Photo credits: Sonya Moor. Copyright ©2022 Sonya Moor. All rights reserved.